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groupon Complaint - Scam - Manatee Tour
groupon Complaint

groupon Complaint


Scam - Manatee Tour

No business can sustain these deals. 50% off on some. Will the business be there when you show with a coupon? Most businesses work on a 20% profit margin.how could they take 50% less and stay in business. You figure it out.

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tonkatoy says: (7 years ago)
I run a business and can see that this is not a scam and can work. I'm just working out how to package a good offer for the service we provide. If your business is quiet, perhaps suffering from recession blues, it makes sense to drop prices and get a boost to your turn over. For service industries this is a way of introducing customers to your business who may become long term - repeat customers at full price. It is essential for staff moral as well as maintaining an image of success to be busy. Nothing succeeds like success, so it is not a profit making tool but a marketing exercise for most businesses that use it. This is why the offers are not permanent. It's not rocket science but it works for some businesses and clearly for some customers. The idea does make sense, but if some offers are not what they claim you should take this up with the company on the day you make your purchase.

fencerdoug says: (8 years ago)
LOGIC people! What do the Manatee tour owners think about the success or lack thereof of their deal with Groupon? What YOU think about their deal is irrelevant unless you have actually crunched their numbers. Maybe they made a ton of $$. (maybe not). What if they are taking a half-full boat out several times a day? Let's say they can take 100 people at $50 each. That's a potential of $5000 per trip. But, if they only half-fill the boat, that's only $2500 per trip but with the same cost in fuel, upkeep, personnel,insurance, etc. However, if they can fill the other half of those seats at $10 each, that's the existing $2500 plus an additional $500 at no extra cost to them. And, if they do a good job, twice as much positive word-of-mouth. And, it they sell a thousand Groupons (likely) then they have an additional $10,000 that they wouldn't have had before. Again, at no additional cost to them.
I agree, however that if selling ITEMS that have a base cost at or below the discounted rate (about 25% of retail) that there is a serious problem. Or if the manatee people have to hire more help, or schedule extra trips (i.e., burn more fuel) then that complicates the equation)

Lars says: (8 years ago)
You think the Groupon system is a good one for buisness? Obviously your not much of a business person. The Groupon system feeds off of struggling buisnesses who are willing to give their products and services away for pennies on the dollar just to receive a quick shot in the arm. Take the manatee tour for example. Regular cost is $49.00 to take the tour, the buisness owner agrees to sell out to Groupons for $20.00. Groupons then collects between 40% and 50% of the net as a fee fetching the business owner a cool $10.00 per ticket sold. How in your right mind can you say this is a good deal for the business. The only business that would do this is the one that is so hard up for money that they are willing to basically give their store away. This is nothing less than desperation and once the money is spent there will still be thousands of customers looking to take their Groupon tour.

Lars says: (8 years ago)
A Bait? The Greatest Idea Ever?

Yes, its a great idea for Groupon not for the poor sucker who signed his business over to them. Lets take the manatee tour just for instance. Normally the cost is $49.00/ The business owner agrees to sell it though Groupons for $20.00. Groupons collects 40-50% of that leaving the business owner $10-$12.00 per unit sold. Only an idiot would go for something like this so what does it say about the company you just bought the ticket from?? This is none of what you said above, this is nothing less than desperation on the part of the business, a last ditch effort to stay afloat. Its a pig in a poke.

ferri says: (8 years ago)
this is a huge scam , I have purchased £1000.00 worth of offers and have not been able to use any of these as the participants do not pick up the telephone , do not reply to emails and groupon show no interest as they already have my money , now I have to ask American express to fight on my behalf . do not waste your money .

mharrouchi says: (8 years ago)
the groupon system is actually a very good idea for businesses these groupons are ligit and they do work (I've tried them few times). the way it works is that they offer a groupon at a certain price for certain amount of people. the amount of people must be reached otherwise the groupon is voided.
Now here's the best part for businesses,
lets say a cafe offer 20 dollars worth of food for the price of 10 dollars to 100 person.
1- they get paid in advance and usually about 50% of people who paid end up not showing up for several reasons ( lost the groupon , moved out , got arrested, got the groupon as a gift but doesn't really like to go there etc... ) that gets the business about even for now knowing that 20 dollars worth of food only cost them about 5 dollars anyways.
2-people who end up showing up to the cafe will actually spend more money than the groupon. so if you have one groupon for 20 dollars worth of food and knowing that only one groupon is allowed per table and most likely you're gonna go to the cafe with someone else, that means you're gonna end up spending more money at the cafe (30 or more)
3- you might end up liking the place so much and you become a regular customer and recommend the place to others and so on.

the groupon basically is just a bait to get people to discover new places
or you can call it one of the greatest idea ever
some people just don't get it.

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