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  • Credit

    I purchased a deal for 69$ at Aventure hors limite from Groupon in November, There is a 2000$ security deposit required. My brother can no longer p Afford that deposit. I asked for a credit, and was told a deal would be made with me. After 3 weeks, I am told to use the coupon as a gift and that no compromise will be made. I am now stuck with this voucher. I paid 69$ and cannot use the voucher nor get a credit, it is my money and I purchased much from Groupon in the past. Mireille More...
  • Item not delivered

    I purchased ticket from here and paid up front. They claim that ticket will be delivered within 7 days. However more than 12 days has passed, I have not received it. No one from groupon takes any responsibility. Neither they are providing me any date by when I will get my item nor they and refunding. There refund policy is that only after we return their product , then only they will refund. But I can return it only if I get it right. If any one of you buying anything from this site better buy it at your own risk. Groupon is not responsible for non-delivery. It’s your head ache... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
  • Order issues

    I placed an order for a Men's Lombard & Cie automatic watch on Oct 7th. Item got sent to wrong city and I had to call USPS to reroute the package to me as I received no help from Groupon. I informed Groupon that the order was being rerouted to me. I then emailed Groupon my feedback regarding my experience with rude and unresponsive customer reps at Groupon. Then I get an email this morning that they cancelled my order - without asking me. Now the deal has ended and no one is willing to make the item available to me by contacting the merchant. I'm being harassed for no fault of... More...
  • waiting.. for refund

    I lost my job recently and had to get oil in my car.. I found local prices for $40 ... but the groupon was $40 and easier because they come to my house.. I go to register on the site and an extra $20 pops up.. something I cant pay for .and WAS NOT DEFINED BEFORE.. .I've been trying to find work at home from my computer . because I cant use my car. . and I cant eat because I have no money well $4 to be exact... and now i'm waiting for them to even respond. so by the time they do it will be seven days and too late. and ill be dead from starvation. ticket # # 26130441 whatever that... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
  • Mythbusters 11/24/13

    I was charged twice for an event. I noticed it on a Saturday and the company was closed. Sent an email but did not get a reply. The event happened 11/24/13 and I advised the arena that there was a mistake and I was only supposed to have 4 tickets. She replied that many people have the same complaint and she will contact them. I called today on 11/25/13 as I did not get a reply back. I was told that they could not refund me and that I should give the tickets away. Really? When I asked to speak to someone else I was hung up on. I called back to find out that they were closed. I am... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
  • Service and product

    Mina and Dimis Greek House Restaurant This restaurant has excellent food. We found them on groupon and were excited to try them especially for the entertainment. The meats are brought hot to your table but last night the potatoes and seasoned fries were served to us cold. My husband was served a total of five fries with his meal and his salad was skimpy. At one instance the waitress there was announcing very loudly to the patrons that she was not preagnant yelling it from the dessert counter. My husband and I were not sure of the significance of this but it would be better if they... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
  • Unresponsive service

    I purchased two groupons (one for myself and one for a friend)to get a "supreme oil change, 27-point inspection and tire rotation" for $35.00 each. Although I was able to use mine, Ace Automotive did not have on-hand the oil filter needed for my car, even though they had asked about it in the set-up phone call expressly for that purpose. So, I wound up waiting in their lobby for about 2 hours while they waited for delivery of the filter. Further, when my friend called to make an appointment for the oil change on his car, he was told they were swamped and would get back to... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
  • refusing refund after false advertising

    I purchased an advertised LED whitening service with Sherwood dentistry. When I called to make an appointment I was told by the vendor that the business is moving in a month and will not be booking for may or June ( which is when I hoped to use it. Sounded fishy so I contacted customer support who were not helpful in any way and instead asked me to provide vendor info, which I did , and then never heard from them again. I have informed them that I will be contacting my credit card company, since the services I bought are not redeemable and no mention is made re: time constraint or move of... More...
  • Groupon does not respond

    I have bought a Facial package for $99.00.Dr. Dean Kane Center for Cosmetic Surgery & MediSpa (ticket #14036791 I can not make an appointmemt as the office can accept groupon users only Mon-Friday, from 9-5..I am a lawyer, I work until 8 P.M., they refused to see me on Saturday. So I had to contact groupon support team after which I received a response only in 3 weeks after. Support team advised me that they will contact Spa Salon and will call me, Again, it has been 3 weeks I havent heard anything from groupon. I already sent 2 more messages, with no results. I have all documents to... More...
  • #285382

    Navjeet from Groupon Malaysia denied my request for cancellation and credit of a RM58 groupon for pest control on 31/12/12. The reason he gave was that I had requested a total of over RM400 worth of cancellations in 2012. The management deemed the number of cancellation and amount too high. The total I spent on Groupon purchases for 2012 is RM4,520.30 (US$1,507). The RM400 is less than 10% of my total groupon purchases. The cancellations were due to fully booked merchants who had requested I contacted Groupon Malaysia to cancel and merchants who are completely uncontactable after several... More...
    (Home Improvement)
  • letters from Santa

    This was my the first year that my sons soul not ve with me for Christmas. And the first year that my oldest was beginning to doubt Santa. I know that it was hard for them to understand spending Christmas with dad and having Christmas with mom a week later. I saw a grpipon shortly after thanksgiving for a personalized letter from Santa. I was guaranteed to arrive before Christmas eve if ordered before the 9th I believe. I bought 2 so I could get a letter for each of my boys. I personalized the letter and ordered it by the 5th. Tomorrow is Christmas morning and the letters never arrived! I... More...
  • SCAM

    Groupon is a scam operation, they take immediately the money out of your account, they do not send any explanations on how you should proceed. After you have been waiting for months and no delivery arrives ( the money is taken immediately) and you contact them you realise that your deal is being handled by another company charging for phone calls but that in reality will never deliver eanything . GROUPON FRANCE AND GROUPON IN GENERAL IS A SCAM DO NOT BUY FROM THEM THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY More...
  • Accused of Fraud

    On October 31, my Mother who has dementia attempted to purchase a Blackberry I pad for her autistic great grandson. She was going to buy it for him for Christmas. She was going to have the package sent to me since my grandson will be with us for Christmas. The total price was $197. The order went through that evening. This morning, my Mother gets an email stating that her order was cancelled. She was very upset and gets easily confused so I called on her behalf. When I did call I was told that I would have to talk to the fraud department. I left a message this morning and just received a... More...
  • Horrible Customer Service at Simplicity Laser

    Groupon needs to have better quality control while dealing with businesses. I understand that accepting 50% of the cost of the groupon makes it hard for groupon to say no to rubbish companies, but no organization can survive without good quality control. I bought a groupon for Simplicity Laser Hair removal in April. I called to schedule an appointment, and they didnt have any openings until July 6th. Thats a two month lag. The appointment location was in a new building complex, therefore my gps could not locate it. To add insult to injury, the driving instructions given by the company were... More...
  • Bint Kahlifa Beauty Salon Dubai

    Am unable to book the appointment with Bint Khalifa Beauty Salon in Dubai since March to avail my voucher - this is 3 months now! On the off-chance that they do actually answer the phone - they are unable to take appointments or to provide details of their exact location so that I can go there directly. I am wondering if this is in fact a real business or a scam !!!!! Now the Voucher will expire in 5 days :-( VERY DISAPPOINTED. More...
  • Delucia voucher

    very dissappointed due to a family emergency i was unable to attend the appointment booked, when i rang up to rearrange and told them the full story instead of sympothy i was told that i had lost my money and that the offer given was priced too low to cover cost. i don't understand why offer such a thing you on groupon didn't even cover their cost for the treatment and you can not provide a good customer service.i like to save money hence use groupon but with a good customer service! More...
  • Inspirational Furniture Natalia SOFA

    Hi, I bought the NATALIA SOFA offer from Insprirational Furniture and it seemed like a good deal. Unfortunately, I placed my order over a month ago, and although on the GROUPON description the delivery was "UP TO TWO WEEKS" it's been a month now and still haven't seen my SOFAS. I've spoken with the company providing the sofas several times but obviously everytime they give me a different story! Every week, at the begginning of the week they say that they will get them delivered by the end of the week and then everytime at the end of the week moves to next... More...
  • Item not rec'd/Violation of terms

    When Groupon first started, their service was top notch. HOWEVER...that cannot be said now. I ordered a blood pressure cuff (Which, come to find out, I COULD HAVE purchased at Wal-mart for $3 more) 23 days ago ( or as they put it "12 BUSINESS days ago) and customer service HAS NO CLUE when it will be shipped and WON'T EVEN address a refund request sent 3 times now. The Groupon "terms and conditions" clearly stated that the product would ship in 7-10 BUSINESS days, and in as much they have violated their own policy. I again tried this morning to at least get a status... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
  • Unfulfilled Order

    Ordered a big bertha bean bag back in November, still hasnt arrived. I have repeatedly tried contacting both Infurn and Groupon regading the delivery. Initally both companies contacted me to advise that due to 'high demand' there is a delay with the dispatch, but dont worry, will be with you shortly. Infurn updated my account details with various del dates, then have tried to claim it has been dispatched to DHL, who surprisingly enough have no details and the tracker number quoted by Infurn, is not valid. Since Jan, i have had no luck on contacting either party. Used to love... More...
  • ICE Device

    Order and paid for this item 3rd November 2011 as Xmas present but couldn't order it because of a problem with the partners website. By beginning of December I had sent emails to Groupon and Bluetooth World asking where the item was.I kept being informed it would be posted. the week before xmas I was informed that I had not paid for postage. I proved that I had through paypal. On 27th Dec I clearly informed both Groupon and Bluetooth world that the device was no longer required since I required it for Xmas. Groupon informed that they would liase with their partner and progress the... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
  • Puting lives at risk

    Groupon moderators are knowingly & intentionally filtering legitimate questions about the documented unsafe & fraudulent behavior of a Groupon featured business (Skydive Hollister). They are refusing to allow questions about drug testing and alcohol use policies (the subject of at least 2 lawsuits against the business), licensing & qualification of employees (a contributing factor in at least one fatality at the business), and documented widespread scamming of past Groupon customers. The activity being sold in the featured deal is inherently dangerous, and purchasers have the... More...
  • do not try multiple buys

    GRRRRR - what can I say about printer pix - nothing good at this moment in time - spent hours and hours uploading my photo's whiche i converted from old slides for 7 very special books for my dad (mum has 3 months left to live) the books when they arrived were upside down and back to front - "many appologies madam" (5th december) we promise to reprint madame ...... (all of january this very polite call centre in india has been promising my biiks will arrive) i could cheerfully scream at them ..... to date 1 of seven books turned up, in fairness the ones that did are great... More...
  • Groupon not accepted twice

    PLEASE READ ENTIRE POST. 1-review to the merchant, 2-email to and from customer support at groupon +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ GROUPON NOT ACCEPTED. I walked in Saturday evening, nobody in his store, but he said he was no longer accepting Groupons today. Their website says repairs done in 15mins, while you shop. The Groupon website does not say that the merchant can deny the Groupon. He made me feel like less of a customer. He says I can come in anytime on Sunday. I return Sunday only to have the owner Imran tell me that he is done for the day. This was 3.5hours before... More...
    (Repair Services)
  • bracelets

    I ordered by mistake twice for same items.I however emailed Groupon immediately of mistake.No reply....I also emailed Bo Vida many times,only one reply saying They would see what went wrong with order,first order that is,as I only received one out of three bracelets ordered and paid for.They have now blocked Me from ordering on Bo Vida site tonight after emailing Them again.Help please. More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • Product not received

    I purchased some make up brushes on the 30th November from Temptation via Groupon. The money has been taken from my bank account but the product has not been received! It has been 34 days since they were ordered but expected delivery was to allow up to 21 days! This product was meant to be a Christmas present! I have tried contacting Temptation on numerous occasions but the line is constantly engaged. I emailed - also no reply! I tried contacting groupon and no customer service agent came to the phone after 30mins of waiting! Emailed groupon - also no reply! More...
  • Laser Hair removal

    I purchased a number of sessions of laser hair removal in november for 399 GBP with Groupon for La Beaute Clinique, Stratfort, London. Shortly after I cancelled and claimed for a refund. It´s December the 30th and my problem has not been sorted yet. I don´t get replies to my emails and of course when I try the phone I´m put on hold and NEVER manage to get to speak to any operator. I feel helpless and want my money back. I´m totally disgusted with the extremely poor customer service. More...
  • spray tans

    I paid $24 for 3 sessions of spray tan at Mystique tan. They charged me $35 more to get any tan color at all. I was told I had to purchase a moisturizer and color tube. This seems to be a rip off since the ad makes you think you can get a "tan" color with just the amount paid to Groupon. The location was Greenway and hwy 404. More...
  • Groupon are a joke

    I am beginning to wish I had never purchased from Groupon. Their customer support is absolute trash and I have only successfully ordered 1 of 3 I purchased. I ordered a clapper light switch about 2 months ago only to find the product is discontinued, then I've ordered a pair of earrings which haven't arrived and I cannot get hold of either Groupon or the company to complain or get a refund! I have sent multiple emails to Groupon with no response! More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • harmony massage

    In May I purchased a voucher for Harmony massage in Heanor, Derbyshire. In October I was told that they were not honouring any more vouchers. I contacted Groupon and was told it would be sort out aa refund asap. I have chased this up with numerous e-mails, and I am not now not getting a reply. I would phone them but they do not appear to have a phone number More...
  • Canceled Vacation Package

    I have purchased a groupon vacation in Brazil. The vacation is a 4 days package in Buenos Airess/Argentina and a weekend in Rio De Janeiro. I paid for the vacation and then I was asked to pay for the departure taxes, which I also paid. The vacation was then canceled and I was promised a refund. I registered my banking information as directed, but never did receive a refund. This is my vacation informatin: Destino(s): Buenos Aires Data da Compra: 02-07-2011 Cód. de Referência: 496528 Cód. do Cupom: 1478/3013 Cód. de Segurança: 3F40713652 More...
  • False advertising

    I was completely mislead by what groupon said the offer would be and for what I received. I am very disappointed with the green room in loughborough for their unprofessional manner. I feel ripped off and tricked. I've already written a lengthy explanation on here of what did (or rather didn't) happen and would like somebody to get back to me to discuss it further. More...
  • Customer Service Failure

    I purchased two luxury sailing vouchers from Groupon. On the day the yacht we booked for was not provided, instead we went on a lot older and smaller boat that returned to harbour 1.25 hours early. The vouchers cost a total of £150. On complaint we were offered a £5 voucher that had to be used within 6 months. I replied this was unacceptable and want all £150 back. Since that time I have sent 5 emails to with no reply at all. What do I do next?? More...
  • No product received

    I ordered face packs from O Spa London order confirmation Order Number: 190685 on 22 July 2011 which has still not arrived. I have since emailed twice and tried to call but just get an engaged tone. I am really fed up with the time I am wasting on this and just want my money back. I use Groupon a lot but this is the first time I have had a problem with a purchase. More...
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