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groupon Reviews

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  • Did not follow through

    Awful customer service I will never order something from Groupon again!!!! I purchased a photobarn ornament and my photos would not upload on site Photobarn and Groupon did not respond to my emails and waiting on phone to so long I gave up ! When I called Groupon to help they basically called me a liar and that they did not receive my emails When it came down to it they didn't want to help me More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    freddie06's Picture   freddie06    0 Comments   Comments
  • Stay away from Groupon!

    This company is terrible when it comes to customer service. Once you have purchased the item or service you are pretty much screwed if you have problems or if the business closes. I have had numerous negative experiences with them and finally decided that it was not worth the hassle of dealing with them. They care nothing about customer service once they have your money. Their favorite word is NO!. More...
    bruiser's Picture   bruiser    0 Comments   Comments
  • only issues w Groupon-learn basics of customer service!!!

    Lately, had some issues w Groupon. Few days ago spent some time w them as they charged my card for $19, though I used promo code and on my purchase page it showed I owed $0. Thank god, they resolved this issue, I still could use Groupon and they are supposed to return money to my credit card. For time spent on the phone w them?? I got nothing!! The latest issue is pretty big. Somehow they messed up my two accounts and two emails (i didnt even know i had 2 accounts, as I didnt open a second one), I bought tickets for Halloween show (Groupon was expiring that day), it said my Groupon was... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    marinas's Picture   marinas    0 Comments   Comments
  • Received wrong box springs for Simmons mattress

    I ordered through Groupon a King Size Simmons Beauty Rest mattress and LOW PROFILE box springs, which comes in 2 pieces. I received one wrong piece of box springs, but delivery guys (who have no connection to Groupon or Simmons) would not take the wrong piece back and told me I had to contact Groupon. I have sent two messages to Customer Support and received the most stupid answers. They have a standard answer, "You can return the item(s)". I cannot return the items because the new mattress was placed on my old box springs and had been used by the time I contacted Groupon... More...
    barbieselby's Picture   barbieselby    0 Comments   Comments
  • Support and help

    There is no way to get a hold of Groupon or ask for help, no 'contact us' link. They say there's help, but there isn't. There are no email addresses or live support (unless you're lucky enough to be on-line during the 5 minutes a day they are there). The 'help questions' are a joke. Not to mention the system kept logging me out a dozen times just to buy one groupon and then my promo code that they emailed me the same day, didn't work. An hour of frustration. Not worth it. More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    Sharks's Picture   Sharks    0 Comments   Comments
  • Arts Photography, very disappointing

    i bought this voucher for my six year old and the details were totally different from the deal we got. We had 1.5 hours delay the accessories were next to nothing the dresses were cheap and the Tiara was half broken the elsa gloves were two pairs too small and one very big olaf was ripped and almost grey. after the photoshoot we went to another room which was supposed to be an amazing experience and from the details we expected some sort of short movie with Frozen background. there was just a screen showing pictures one by one. we had £25 deposit and another £25 as a... More...
    pictures2015's Picture   pictures2015    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cabana Salon

    In the past my daughter and I have had keratin treatments at this salon using Groupon. We always upgrade to the "best" product which normally costs around $40. Today, my daughter went in to have her hair done. She was charged an additional $79 for the "best" product. Her hair is shoulder length and not thick, so I do not understand why the price jumped drastically. We won't be going back to this salon. She could have had the process done at our regular salon for less than this price. More...
    mimiburton123's Picture   mimiburton123    1 Comments   Comments
  • Coupon for discount News Paper Charllotte Observer

    Had bought the product never received the paper called in to ask for help was on hold for 6 minutes then explained to customer serves what my issues was she then put me on hold for ANOTHER 12 minutes are you kidding me.. She said problem solved and paper would be delivered the next day! Had to call back again 2 days later and get a refund never did get the paper but some good news the 2 nd time I called in they took care of it quickly but over all what a waste of time! I guess sometime paying full price is worth it.. More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    ab1222297's Picture   ab1222297    0 Comments   Comments
  • Groupon-ruining businesses while making millions off them

    I work for a company that used Groupon to sell deals. It sounded like a great idea but turned out awful. Groupon called us a year after we applied after they had done a certain deal with another similar business that was a totally ridiculously insane great deal for customers where they would pay one amount and get to come back for services as many times as they wanted within a long time period and wanted us to do the same deal. My manager wanted other options but they said it was that or nothing since it had done so well. They also only gave us a week or less to prepare saying it was that... More...
    Unhappylady25's Picture   Unhappylady25    1 Comments   Comments
  • Crystal Beauty Lounge Dubai bad atmosphere, long waiting for treatment

    I had ordered a groupon voucher for hair cutting highlights, facial, pedicure & manicure. The saloon looked gorgeous and I looked forward for my treatment. Despite that my whole treatment took more than 4 hours I had to face myself with the bad treatment of the stuff. The boss (I believe he was the owner) was humiliating one of the Philippino ladies in front of me by laughing into her face when she made mistake and so forth. The atmosphere therefore was horrible. I could feel the fear of all the stuff while they were working. There were no music most of the time and the whole saloon... More...
  • Groupon refund getting difficult, sleazy CSR?

    Please please review groupon new refund policy. Maybe it's just this particular rep, but she seems to be banking on the possibility that I don't read their policy. I called groupon for a refund (I changed my mind within the stated 7 days) - after they didn't reply my email after 2 days, but the customer service rep initially told me that she couldn't  refund me just because I changed my mind. When I pointed out that the stated policy did not make that distinction and I can do a refund if it's within 7 days, she back-pedaled a little and said she can fix this... More...
    Slslsl's Picture   Slslsl    1 Comments   Comments
  • Voucher deal

    I ordered some jamie oliver recycled glasses with a Groupon deal which should have activated on Monday 12th Septt 2011 at 6pm. This did not happen and has not happened since. I have emailed Groupon and Merison to no avail. Could someone please let me know what is going on and is anyone else having yhe same problem? More...
    Myers1's Picture   Myers1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Voucher deal

    I have ordered jamie olivers recycled glasses. The voucher should have activated on Monday 12th Sept., at 6pm. Nothing is happening with the deal. I have tried and tried to contact Groupon and Merison but nobody has got back to me. I don't know if i am the only one who is having trouble or is there other people out thhere having trouble as well. More...
    Myers1's Picture   Myers1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Against disabled customers and complaints

    Thought it was a good site until I tried to print a coupon and inquired why it was so hard. I even mentioned disability need help. Instead when you complain they do not respond with a follow up. Your deleted from their site and not allowed to sign up again. They do not work with customers as stated. Really do not care if they have your business or not. It about the money not the customer. This is sad. I did email and send my name no response just my account deleted. Disabled customers are not wanted. Not a online co complaint it not having groupon help me with a coupon. Then delete my... More...
    (Featured Editor)
    Ronnie4161's Picture   Ronnie4161    0 Comments   Comments
  • 6pk for $45 from Groupon

    Purchased this offer from Groupon for 6pack of wine delivered to my home for $45 from Today I wanted to order the wine so I entered the Groupon code and was told it was "not valid" or had "expired". The expiration date on the Groupon is Aug 29 2011. Please help. Really want the red wine 6pack which I already paid for via credit card. It's a gift for an upcoming birthday. May contact me at 610 559-9885 or via email. Thanks. DebSis More...
    debsis85's Picture   debsis85    0 Comments   Comments
  • Lawn Aeration

    I bought a service through Groupon with Luxury Outdoor Living (704) 634-2883 for a Lawn Aeration Treatment that expires 10/18, 2011. I have called this company several times starting 11/1 and my last call was on 11/5. Each time I got their voicemail saying to text my information with name, address, phone number and the service I am requesting and they will text me back. I do not have text capabilities on my phone, so I had my daughter text them on 11/8th. To date I have not had any response from the company. This seems like a scam and I am contacting the Better Business Bureau regading... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    BajanQueen's Picture   BajanQueen    0 Comments   Comments


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