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groupon Reviews

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    EVICTED 2/24/2017!!! I should have looked up Yelp to begin with, however I was going under GROUPON PLUS it states Angie's List Preferred!WTF.I received my Groupon Voucher, call the number to schedule an appt.n i left a VM n no rtn call. I cb today,3/17/2017 n same vm I hung up n called back to hear hours n it sd no appt nec. N open on Saturdays 10-6.Then i start reading Yelp tonight! OMMFG! I live a few miles from there n I decided to go driving at 1AM to see if this is true, on St pattys night, and I am beyond LIVID! no such thing of them there at the Prominade in Carrollwood. THEY... More...
    Cpantella's Picture   Cpantella    0 Comments   Comments
  • Rachel LaFuente at Broadway Salon

    I bought the deal for a haircut, style and all over color. I 'm a mother and a full time worker who hardly ever does anything for myself so i was excited to finally get my hair done. I had some pictures on my phone of what i wanted. Nothing dramatic pretty simple. She asked what i wanted so I showed her the pictures which were some long layers. She also asked about the color and i told her i wanted the same color as my natural which is black,she then asks do you want all of it or just the roots. the deal said all over color that's what i needed so i told her all over please. So... More...
    savetheearth's Picture   savetheearth    0 Comments   Comments
  • Crossfit creek not a safe place to workout

    My sister Frwd me a Groupon deal so I bought it. About a week later we visited the facility which had weights al over the place & no where to walk. No lockers for my ourse. Then the workout include running behind the strip center no lights& no coach so you were alone in the dark. My sister & I complained & she got a refund & I didn't so I told Groupon to close my account which they did but I never redeemed that voucher so they stole from me. What a rip Off. I will b sure to let everyone know. More...
    (Spa Services)
    Michele66's Picture   Michele66    0 Comments   Comments
  • Groupon promoting scammers

    Over the holidays I purchased a Groupon for products through American Laser Crafts AKA for Christmas gifts. It was the worse experience. DO NOT ever purchase from Qualtry, they are scammers. Groupon does not care! I complained to them to tell them they are promoting a company that scams consumers, they did nothing about it and continue to promote the company. I had to file BBB complaints against both Groupon and Qualtry/ American Laser crafts, then they finally gave me a refund. Consumer Reviews on Qualtry are fake, they give no option to give a review, there's no phone #... More...
    (Holiday shopping reviews)
    Groupon2017's Picture   Groupon2017    0 Comments   Comments
  • Not getting the deal you think

    I purchased a Groupon for Airport Parking at a SmartPark location near LaGuardia airport. I had initially used them with a Groupon, and they were efficient, and we did not have to deal with the traffic right around the airport ourselves, their van did. I went to purchase another Groupon, which was $119 for 7 days, or $17 per day. Groupon claims it is a $153.00 value, or about $22 per day. I noticed that I booked during a partial blackout period, so contacted the facility. I was told that their non-Groupon rate is $17.95. From now on I will just deal directly through the location, so they... More...
    rsilverberg's Picture   rsilverberg    1 Comments   Comments
  • groupon order was so wrong

    I ordered a 5pack of jogger pants from groupon. On the page it gives you an option to choose what color you want. So I chose the colors I wanted. However, when I received the items, they were all different colors from what I ordered. I complained and they said they could notake offer a replacement at the time. I thought maybe because it was the holiday they couldn't replace it. I just ordered some more pants. I ordered 17 pairs of joggers and 5 pairs of shorts. I did this because I thought maybe they would mess up again. Well I received two packages yesterday, one with 5 pairs and one... More...
    Avera6's Picture   Avera6    0 Comments   Comments
  • Paid for lightning cables that were never delivered

    Ordered Lighning cables for an I Pad on Dec 27, 2016 from Groupon they took my money and sent an e-mail saying shipped with a tracking # by DHL GM275322595000037336. Groupon order # 643988113. Never received the cables, had been in contact with Groupon CS but today they blew me off saying item was delivered. So DHL lost my cables but I feel Groupon should replace them and go after DHL through their insurance. A very angry ripped off customer order # Chat Ticket ID : 881092408046326009 Maria deVos More...
    (Delivery Services)
    ddevos's Picture   ddevos    0 Comments   Comments
  • rockys pizzeria in lindenhurst il

    Purchased a coupon on a Friday went to use that Friday night - business is closed down! Saturday I email Groupon and receive an automated response. Monday someone gets back to me saying "no refunds in fine print." I respond. Third email from Groupon "sorry for inconvenience but no refunds after three days and only issue refunds if the business is unable to provide service, thanks for your understanding." I respond once again. Fourth email from Groupon " sorry no refund thank for your understanding," so now I'm sharing my story.... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    Lindagrundy's Picture   Lindagrundy    0 Comments   Comments
  • Groupon - Huge Disappointment

    We ordered an Amazon Echo for a Christmas Raffle from Groupon. We received the item, and it was raffled off at our holiday party. Our employee won the Echo and gave it to a family member for a Christmas Gift. When they opened the gift they found it to be 2 soup cans wrapped in the box, not the Amazon Echo. I contacted Groupon they said they couldn't help because it was pass the 14 days. They referred me to Amazon, stating the warranty would cover this, it was not covered, and I wouldn't think it would be. I contacted Groupon several times asking to extend refund policy due to... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    tldugas's Picture   tldugas    0 Comments   Comments
  • Yue- Sun

    I have purchased a food for 4 included drinks price of $30 it was 50% discount. However, I had to pay extra $62.92 in the restaurant the manager did not know about the deal in groupon. First, I satarted with reservation and they did not accept it in holidays. So I did my reservation in other day..But in the end I payed $30 in groupon and $62.92 in the place ( one the person did not have a drink) When I mentioned I payed $30 groupon she did not care and in the checked she increased the prices to almost doble Please I need back unless $30.. More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    lindaaceves's Picture   lindaaceves    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ten Six Two

    I have purchased a hot stone massage, however I was mislead as the lady did not use hot stones and it was a regular massage. I have had lots of massages before, but wanted to try hot stones and was really looking forward to this new experience. I will not recommend this service to my friends. More...
    LenkaB's Picture   LenkaB    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible Customer Support

    I spent hours searching the internet for a good deal for a weekend get-a-way to Niagara Falls. I placed an order through Groupon. The site indicated that the order had been placed and I would be emailed confirmation. The confirmation never arrived so I searched AND SEARCHED the website to find out how I could get some answers about my purchase. I kept getting caught in a customer service loop where it indicated that I needed to login but it would not accept my login and password and would not let me change my password (said I didn't have an account). I finally searched the... More...
    SoccerMom1011's Picture   SoccerMom1011    0 Comments   Comments
  • Unprofessional and thieves

    I booked a hotel for a night and called them to tell them I wouldn't be able to make it due to a family emergency. It was an unexpected event and they told me to go through groupon to get my refund or changing of reservation. Groupon decided to keep my money and run me in circles for over a month. They till this day have refused to refund me the money I spent for a service I did not get to use. They didn't find anyway to compensate me, not even changing the date. I have been a loyal customer of theirs and honestly I'll never use their site again in my life because they are... More...
  • Groupon/ qualtry

    DO NOT BUY FROM GROUPON!!!! I bought something from Qualtry which please stay away from. I ordered 6 cutting boards forChristmas which was guaranteed delievery by Christmas and I'm still yet to receive anything. I tried to get ahold of qualtry and they just say they are sorry. I asked for a shipping refund through qualtry and reported the problem through Groupon which either of them care at all to fix the problem. I will be staying away from both of these places. More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Jeballard1's Picture   Jeballard1    1 Comments   Comments
  • Fly boarding

    Originally booked for Frodsham but was told to travel over 20 miles to need Brighton, we paid extra for photos at a cost of £10, didn't receive these after a full day of messaging back and to, we eventually received a disc but this was some 4 or so weeks later, great experience but very angry man who shouted a lot and not just to be heard over, the woman who took the pictures was smoking in very close proximity to me without a second thought, say the experience is 30 minutes but 10 - 15 minutes of this is the fly boarding experience, the rest is taken up by waiting and filling... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • Dunkin Donuts gift card

    I've had so many problems with Groupon and should have known better than to take another chance but I did. They had a deal offering a $10 Dunkin Donuts gift card for $5. Since I was going to buy one for my Mother for Christmas, I figured, what could go wrong. What a joke and kick in the pants that was. I few days later I go back into my account and I'm being told to print my $10 credit for Dunkin Donuts!! I wrote them an email from their site which they assure you'll hear back within 2 days and 4 days later I've heard nothing! They just don't give a crap. I... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    patricia5431's Picture   patricia5431    0 Comments   Comments
  • Groupon

    I ordered 4 license plate frames on Nov. 15, 2016. Groupon charged my credit card on Nov. 15. Three of the license plate frames were shipped on Nov. 30. I have still not received the fourth one. Their only response to my inquiry about my order was that they were working on it and would let me know. I contacted FedEx with the tracking number but they said they had never been contacted to pick up that particular package. Now when I try to track the second package it says it's being shipped via UPS, not FedEx, but it says that every day when I try to track it; the ship date just moves... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    dmcurry's Picture   dmcurry    0 Comments   Comments
  • Stolen money off my card

    I have been a customerof grouon for years and never new THEY were charging my account with me card on file. I looked into booking a hotel BUT never completed it but was charged. And because I JUST found it out after mos of the charged they are refusing to credit it back to me. I found it totally accidental by placing an order and trying to edit my order that they had been charging my card I asked that they remove my card on file. They owe me 180.00 for a hotel I did not book as well as 130.00 for items I tried to cancel. More...
    Stealing's Picture   Stealing    0 Comments   Comments
  • Jewelry

    Ib November 30, 2016, I placed an order for a diamond ring on Groupon. I paid for it with $800.00 in Groupon Gift Cards. I also had another $129.00 in Groupon credit. I owed over $1000.00 as a balance. My order was rejected, and my $929.00 disappeared. I called and was told my account was deactivated. After spending HOURS on the phone over a variety of phone calls and emails, I was told that my "Groupon Bucks" were restored and my account was reactivated. With my next order (I was told to reorder the ring), my order was rejected, and my account was once again deactivated... More...
    (Holiday shopping reviews)
    suereiss's Picture   suereiss    0 Comments   Comments
  • How can you confuse Black with Pink??

    I ordered my granddaughters DX758 Android 4.4 Kid's Tablet Bundle: 7" Quad-Core 8GB Dual a pink and a purple one. What I got was a purple and black one, unaccepable, the pink one goes to 4 year old who will not understand why she did not get her favorite color. If I had mad this mistake I could understand them doing what they did however this was their mistake not mine. First they told me that they do not allow returns and the only thing they would do is give me my money back Groupon box account. If they make mistakes like this often they will lose a lot of business.I did have a... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    gamgams's Picture   gamgams    0 Comments   Comments
  • Groupon is the worst website i have ever ordered from

    I bought a vacation package through groupon. Since by order was over $1,000 they freezed my account. Between my roommate and I, we called groupon's customer support 10 times. Each time they told us a different reason why our account would not unfreeze. The customer support was absolutely no help. They had no idea what they were talking about, and they could not help us solve the problem. It turns out one of us ended up getting the vacation package and the other one of us didn't. We couldn't cancel the trip. It was a COMPLETE waste of money, simply because groupon didn't... More...
    roseartman's Picture   roseartman    0 Comments   Comments
  • Unreasonable Hassle Out of a Simple Request

    I own a music lesson business. We provide lessons in a studio, in students' homes, and online. I started two deals with Groupon hoping to get more clients. Most of them did not come from Groupon, but ten of them did, and I had no room to accept more, after the promotion had been running for over a year. Groupon merchant accounts give you zero control over your own account. You can't edit a deal after you post it, and you can't change your email address or other contact info. If any of that needs to be done, you have to contact Groupon. The Groupon website gives an email... More...
    (Education, Schools)
    TrebleStrings's Picture   TrebleStrings    0 Comments   Comments
  • Groupon Getaways

    Purchased a Groupon on my account using my wifes card. We were able to cancel on my account but somehow her account got charged. We had many forms of communication with Groupon to resolve the issue but they have not issued a refund. Groupon is not out of money the hotel is not out of money my wife and I are out of money and we did not receive any type of service. Groupon will not take responsibility for an issue they new about way ahead of time. More...
    stevest12's Picture   stevest12    0 Comments   Comments
  • Tire service and more

    This was by far the most horrible service I've ever received ANYWHERE. The front desk man will completely ignore you. I went to try to get my oil changed one day and he very obviously didn't want to help me or do the oil change so he said "what we use to change the oil is broken" which was a complete lie. I come in again when it was "fixed", and wait over an hour for an oil change because they only have one guy to do the job that takes 10 minutes. I was never given an update one how long until the "oil change guy" would arrive after being told it... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
    Arob0310's Picture   Arob0310    0 Comments   Comments
  • valentino's restaurant valet smashed my car

    went to Valentino's restaurant with coupon purchased from groupon. my car was in perfect condition 2 weeks old. Had valet part it and they smashed the car and then had the nerve to pain over the area they damaged with white paint that looked like white out. was at restaurant for about 3 hours when we left at 10:30 pm my car was at the front of the exit driveway so I didn't notice what they had done to the side of the car. Next morning when i went to my car I noticed. Of course they totally deny doing it, but no one else ever drove my car. They said they asked their valet... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    2bundle's Picture   2bundle    0 Comments   Comments
  • PeggyBank digital conversion service

    May 2014 is how long I have been waiting for my $200 value Groupon order to process by PeggyBank. I finally received an email that my order has been processed and to follow the link to their "vault". My previously set user name and password does not work. Upon clicking on the link for "forgot your password or user name" I get emailed my user name and a note that says my password is "password". That does not work. Neither does the 877 number or email. More delays....MAJOR SCAM!!! More...
    Mixon's Picture   Mixon    0 Comments   Comments
  • Glen Burnie Bowling Center

    I purchased "Eight Games of Duckpin Bowling for Four with Shoe Rental and One Large Cheese Pizza" for $28 on July 17. In order to use it, I visited the location on 7 Aug around 10:30 PM. I was told that no groupons are allowed after 6 PM and, returned accepting it as my mistake. After going home, I wrote a mail to groupon asking for refund. I got reply from groupon saying that refunds are valid only after 3 days of the purchase and I was reminded of a clause about making a reservation. This is one of the silly restrictions. I don't understand how one can decide in 3 days if... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    puttagunta's Picture   puttagunta    0 Comments   Comments

    A complete mis-selling service offered by KEEP SMILING DENTAL CLINIC. I bought a voucher coupon from GROUPON for a service. On phoning them, they book me an appointment, I explained them the Voucher details. Just before I was going for the appointment gets a call from Dentist itself who booked my initial appointment saying that how could I expect this service for an amount paid. She told me that I would need to pay more than double for that service. She had no guilt on how could they offer such mis-leading service on Groupon. I have purchased a voucher for a particular service advertised... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    Chandrika's Picture   Chandrika    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cancellation Fee

    Poor experience at this Dentist. I had an appointment to go get a Fill and I unfortunately had to go out of the country for a month due to family issues where then I was not able to cancel my appointment. This Dentist was not able to accommodate my situation and they still charged me a cancellation fee. Very upsetting and I would not recommend this dentist. More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    orozcodan's Picture   orozcodan    0 Comments   Comments
  • Groupon customer service

    RUDE, ARROGANT THIEVES! I purchased 4 tickets for an exhibit that is still ongoing - it is a permanent exhibit. I had every intention of using the tickets but my family is now dealing with a serious illness. The tickets expired so I can no longer use them, which makes no sense since it is not a ticketed event. I asked where my $120.00 went to and i get the SAME song and dance, too bad, so sad, better luck next time. I cannot believe this company - they have no concept of how to treat customers. More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    Bubnpook's Picture   Bubnpook    1 Comments   Comments
  • Belle Harbour Boat Rental

    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    PUNKYPOS's Picture   PUNKYPOS    0 Comments   Comments
  • Northern virginia wellness center

    I scheduled an appointment with these people and the lady said it was July 13th and she calls me on June 30th and says your appointment is today and as you did not show up you will have to pay $30. Here it was her fault not communicating well and again she told me she left emails and I never received any and she got my email wrong and she again says I gave my email wrong. I am pissed of with them. They do not have time for their clients. They give 10 minutes for treating and they never have time to answer questions. I am very very unhappy with them. I lastly tried to reschedule my... More...
    Pnarahar's Picture   Pnarahar    0 Comments   Comments
  • deceptive purchase offered by "Picture People"

    I purchased photo sittings via Groupon for pictures taken by " Picture People" . It is an awful experience in general. The photographer is poorly trained. Many pictures not well balanced and they don't care if your hair or clothes were propery situated. All they care about is to finish in 15 minutes with certain number of pictures. The background drop does not even match the mood and the color of your cloth . You can only chose one picture sitting for the $ 26.00 I spent. I end up with eight of identical pictures. What a waste of my time and money. More...
    daatoe's Picture   daatoe    0 Comments   Comments
  • Trevi Nails $45 Eyelash Extension

    Be aware, it is not $45. They force every customer to pay additional $20 as "tip". They will have two girls circle around you and force you to pay. The customer in front of me argued that tip is only optional and also should not be $20 for $45 service, but they insist that tip is based on their original price which is $100 plus. They also request you to pay additional $2 as tax. They will not let you go until you pay the big tip. Everyone was surprised and not happy. The work done is so so. My eye feels very uncomfortable the second day. But I will not go back. More...
    Waterbaby's Picture   Waterbaby    0 Comments   Comments

    I was planning an early Father's Day surprise for my husband and bought tickets for June, 14 2015 with Dolfun Tour. Our reservations was for 1pm the confirmation email stated to arrive 20 min early. We arrived earlier than that because we were very excited. When Captain Bob Ballinger arrived he was very rude and disrespectful. I am a Muslim woman who wears a traditional head scarf. He told us we were trespassing because we arrived earlier than the 20 min that the email stated (later we were notified by a resident of the Marina that in fact we were not trespassing and that people show... More...
    eegator's Picture   eegator    0 Comments   Comments
  • Auto Technique

    Absolutely the worse customer service and in store experience ever. The owner is extremely rude and does not show appreciation for customers. I made an appointment at 5:30 and I arrived a little early around 5:20, the shop was empty and the guy who works there made me wait for 20 mins standing at the counter because he was busy talking to his friend. This is the dialog for that day... Me: "How long its going to take" Owner: "It takes around 40 - 45 mins" (Note: The time is about 5:40.) Me: "Is there a coffee shop around here ? I want to go get a drink then come... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
    jun1028's Picture   jun1028    0 Comments   Comments
  • Hair Damage. Color Washed off after 2 Days

    Pretty Wild Hair Salon (14516 Ventura Boulevard Los Angeles, California 91403) My experience at Pretty Wild Hair Salon was definitely wild. I purchased a haircut and full color. I have very short hair but somehow I ended up spending more than 4 hours in the salon. The following are some of the issues that I was faced with during my four-hour haircut and color at Pretty Wild Hair Salon: 1. The person who answered the phone and accepted my Groupon coupon was the same person who eventually did my hair. She seemed friendly when I met her, but after she put the first layer of color on my... More...
    Caaa's Picture   Caaa    0 Comments   Comments
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